painting in the studio
 'Paper Plates' Work for exhibition at Egg London 2004
 Cardboard box left out in the wet
 Folding and dying
 Dye onto wet cloth
 Painting at the Franz Mayer glass studios in Munich for the Canary Wharf commission 'Moving On'
 painted scarves drying before steaming
 paint over rock
 studio shelves
 Finn in stiffened shawl tent
 Lead bed sheet trial 
 Installing Lead Bed at the Artist House Roche Court 2010
 screen printing 'Untitled Map' design for Christopher Farr Cloth in London
 working through colours for Untitled Map screen print design for Christopher Farr Cloth
 colour workshop HAY studios Cornwall
 work for Scottish Gallery Exhibition hanging in the studio
 Inspiration - Alvaro Siza. Saal Boca Housing. Porto. Portugal
 Paintings for wallpaper for Christopher Farr Cloth
 found composition on the streets of Santa Marta Colombia 
 'Loose Weave' Final swatch of new wallpaper for Christopher Farr Cloth 
 model experiment table cloth
 cleaning a pot plant, screen grab from a favourite part of a favourite film, Mon Oncle - the genius Jacques Tati.
 series of pot shapes 2017
 Colour work for BDP architects for 3T's Hospital Brighton.
 Lwakhakha Pole Screen in progress in the Windmill workshop
 clay blocks 2018
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